Tree Maintenance

For safety & fewer outages

Trees and outages

Trees have immense value in urban settings, connecting us to the natural world in ways few other things can.

At PGE we understand this value and strive to balance the many benefits of trees with the reliability of our system and the safety of our community.

Let’s work together

We run a tree maintenance program, surveying every tree in our power line rights of way at least every 2 to 3 years.

But tree-related outages still happen. About 90 percent are caused by wind carrying branches onto lines from trees growing outside the right of way — such as in a front yard. That’s why you play a crucial role.

Right tree, right place

You can help prevent tree-related outages by following the “right tree, right place” guidelines when selecting and planting trees, and caring for your trees properly.

PGE offers guidance on:

We also maintain trees in the power line rights of way, and offer free wood chips in areas where we are actively working.

We also support Friends of Trees to help our community enjoy the benefits of trees.