Outdoor Area Lighting

PGE makes installing and maintaining outdoor lighting easy and affordable.

Choose from a variety of lighting choices with expert installation and guaranteed maintenance. We’ll also help you avoid waste by determining the optimum number of lights you need.

Home or business owners

Read about outdoor-area lighting options for your home, commercial parking lot or multifamily property below.

Need help? Just contact us at the numbers below.


Whether you want streetlights or other outdoor lights, start here or contact us directly and we’ll walk you through your options.

Requests for public streetlights

If you are a citizen wanting streetlights installed on a public road, contact your local government: your city if the area is incorporated; your county government if not.

Area lighting

Installing lighting in a commercial parking area or your home’s yard can enhance security.

PGE offers a convenient plan under which we own, install and maintain the lights and poles on your property. You pay a simple monthly fee on a minimum five-year contract.

Although PGE owns the lights and poles, you can select the style that best meets your priorities. We offer both LED and traditional, high-pressure sodium area lights. Contact our Service Coordinators at 503-323-6700.


PGE also works with local governments to install and maintain streetlights for public roads, as well as outdoor area lighting on public property.

We offer options for all types of outdoor lighting, from high-pressure sodium for traditional streetlights to energy-saving LEDs.

Light savers Light savers

Find out how energy efficient LED lighting can save you money and hassle, inside and out.

Streetlight out Streetlight out

Call 503-464-7777 or 800-544-1795 to report one.

Outdoor lighting that helps the outdoors Outdoor lighting that helps the outdoors

Power your streetlights or outdoor area lighting with renewable power from PGE. The environment will thank you.