Net Metering

Offset your electric usage with power you generate at home with renewable resources like Solar.

How it works

Net Metering helps you offset the cost of the electricity you buy from PGE with energy you generate at home. Power can be generated with solar, wind, hydro and other eligible renewable resources.

With Net Metering, PGE will keep track of the energy you use and the amount of excess power your system generates. The excess kilowatt-hour credits are deducted from your usage and you receive a bill for the difference (or net).

Customers who have multiple billing meters at the same location may also qualify for meter aggregation. Aggregation allows for any remaining excess kilowatt-hour credits on the net meter at the end of the month to be applied to additional qualifying billing meters. (See Net Metering Billing for details.)

Customers interested in back up batteries can also design a system for Net Metering that incorporates battery storage as a backup power source.

Net Metering requires the installation of a special bidirectional meter, which monitors the power flow in two directions. Installation of this meter is free.

Steps for setting up Net Metering

  1. Before beginning construction, complete PGE’s application for Net Metering interconnection. For non-residential installations, see Business Net Metering.
  2. You will also need to complete a Net Metering agreement. PGE recommends you sign and include the agreement with your application to speed up the process.
  3. When your system is completed and has passed the appropriate city or county electrical inspection email us. We will make an appointment to do a final inspection and install your bidirectional meter.

Send completed documents by:


Fax: 503-464-2115, Attention: Net Metering coordinator


  • PGE Net Metering coordinator
    121 Salmon St., 3WTC-0402
    Portland, OR 97204

You’re done! You can now begin generating power. Plus, you can claim your financial incentive and tax credits.

Contact us

For more information, email us, or call the Net Metering coordinator at 503-464-8100.