Community Solar program

No solar installation required

PGE is committed to helping you be a part of Oregon’s clean energy future

Now a new statewide offering, the Oregon Community Solar Program, is available to you. This is a way for more people to participate in solar energy even if you don’t own your home or business location.

How community solar works

This new, subscription-based program gives you the ability to subscribe to a portion of a local community solar project. In return, you’ll get an ongoing energy credit on your PGE bill once the project is generating energy. There is no upfront cost or need to own your home, and you aren’t responsible for repairs or maintenance. Plus, you can take your subscription with you if you move within the PGE service area.

More access to clean energy

The Community Solar Program is a way for a broader, more diverse group of customers to gain the advantages of solar, especially those who live in multi-unit buildings and residents who may not have had access in the past.

For information about community solar and to learn how you can participate, call 800-481-0510 or visit the Oregon Community Solar Program.

Subscriptions for residential, income-qualified customers

Income-qualified customers should see bill savings over the course of the year by signing up for the program.

Learn more and see if you qualify or call 971-544-8718.

For Project Managers

Solar Projects that have been approved by the Program Administrator and the Commission to have met all pre-certification requirement will qualify for a Program Purchase Agreement as outlined in the Oregon Community Solar Program Implementation Manual updated on the Oregon Community Solar Program website.

Community Solar Program Purchase Agreement