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Heating high-bill triggers

  • More heater or space heater use
  • Heat works harder to keep same temperature
  • Home needs insulation/weatherization
  • Heating ducts aren’t sealed or insulated
  • Thermostat set high or not accurate
  • Heating unused rooms
  • Fireplace dampers/doors left open
  • Foundation vents uncovered, allowing cold air in, warm air out

Try these tips

  • Insulate and seal air leaks. This alone can make a huge difference!
  • Set thermostat to 68 degrees when you’re home, 60 when asleep or gone (there are exceptions for some systems; see heating tips for more). Each degree lower saves an estimated 2 percent on your heating bill.
  • Check thermostat accuracy. Use an instant-read cooking thermometer to see if the air temperature matches your setting. You might want to upgrade to a smart thermostat.
  • Schedule a tune-up for your furnace each year.
  • Close fireplace dampers and doors when not in use.
  • Install foundation vent covers in fall to keep wind and cold from creeping in under your house. Vent covers can also help prevent frozen pipes. Remove them in spring.
  • Open curtains on sunny days. You’ll capture solar warmth and save on lighting, too. Close curtains at night to help insulate.

Water heating triggers

  • Old or inefficient electric water heater
  • Water heater set too high
  • Holiday guests: More water heating, laundry and dish washing

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Lighting, appliances & electronics triggers

  • Lights on longer during darker days
  • Inefficient holiday lights or leaving lights on all night
  • New appliances or big screen TV
  • Hot tub pump problems, or insulating cover left off

Try these tips

*Savings will vary based on circumstances

Use Energy Tracker to track your use and bill. Use Energy Tracker to track your use and bill

Compare energy use and get mobile bill alerts to help manage costs.

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