Smart Thermostat Program

Keep cozy and earn cash

With your smart or Wi-Fi thermostat and PGE Tandem.

Have a ducted heat pump or central air conditioner? You can earn rewards with Tandem if you install one of the qualifying Wi-Fi-connected or smart thermostats listed below.

Lower your energy costs and get up to $125 cash back

  • These thermostats have proven energy savings — some even learn what temperature you like and build a schedule to keep you comfy and save you money.1
  • You can also get $50 cash back from Energy Trust when you purchase a qualifying thermostat2 and earn up to $75 each year when you sign your thermostat up for Tandem.

1 According to Energy Trust of Oregon, when you install a smart thermostat, you could save $35-$45 a year on heating costs. If you have a heat pump, you can save even more — about $70 on heating and cooling costs.

2 See for eligibility details.

Already have a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat installed?

Enroll your thermostat in Tandem to earn up to $75 your first year and up to $50 each year after that. It’s as easy as clicking on your thermostat below and signing up.