EV Benefits


Welcome to the era of options. EVs now provide a broad range of practicality, luxury and performance. Companies are designing models that meet the wants and needs of cost-conscious buyers that demand the same functionality that gas-powered vehicles offer. That has sparked a rapidly growing selection of EVs today with sleek modern designs that include hatchbacks, sports cars, pickup trucks and economy models. There’s an EV for everyone. Find the EV that fits your lifestyle (and budget).


Electric vehicles have overcome the early performance challenges that hindered their predecessors. They’re faster, safer and more powerful than ever before. Over time, EV batteries have become larger and more efficient, which has allowed them to travel longer distances and deliver better performance. Today’s EVs are the perfect combination of quiet head-pinning exhilaration and the feel-goodness of doing something tangibly good for the environment.

Fuel efficiency

Experience the euphoria of getting out of the gas game. Your new reality is affordable, predictable charging that you can do at home or around town with electricity. How affordable? $5 could mean a full charge on a 175-mile vehicle. Meanwhile, $5 in gasoline will probably get you 30 to 45 miles.

cost savings table

Reduced emissions

There are no tailpipe emissions when driving an electric vehicles, so by driving one you are doing your part contributing to the reduction of Green House Gas emissions. Here in Oregon gas engines account for 40 percent of GHG emissions.


Fewer moving parts mean less maintenance. No more oil changes, timing belts, transmission fluid, spark plugs or emission checks. Your most common maintenance will be windshield wipers and tires. You probably won't even replace your brakes for 100,000 miles. Between lower fuels costs and less maintenance needed, EV's are less expensive to own and operate.