Cost Savings

Fuel costs

Electricity is cleaner and more cost-effective than gas. The breakdown below shows how much you could potentially save by switching to an EV.

cost savings table

PGE pricing options

You can lower your charging costs with our special pricing program. The program bases your electric rates on when you’re charging. The rate is lower overnight and on weekends and higher at high-demand times such as weekday mornings and evenings. See pricing details for costs and times.

Review the conditional guarantee and eligibility and limits.

Tax credits and incentives

Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program: Available for residents who are leasing or purchasing new EVs, as well as for moderate income Oregonians who purchase new or used EVs:

  • Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate — Up to $2,500
  • Oregon Charge Ahead Rebate — Up to $2,500 (income-dependent)

Federal Tax Credit: The federal government Zero Emission Vehicle Incentive Program means each automaker’s eligible plug-in vehicles can receive a tax credit of up to $7,500 until 200,000 eligible vehicles per manufacturer are registered in the United States.

Learn more on EV tax credits and incentives.