Power Out?

Here’s what to do

Report an outage: 3 ways

  1. Report with the PGE app
  2. Report online
  3. Report by phone:
    • 503-464-7777 (Portland)
    • 503-399-7717 (Salem)
    • 800-544-1795 elsewhere

When you report an outage you can also request an update.

Download the PGE app

It’s the easiest way to report an outage and get updates. Plus you can also pay your bill and track your energy use. Learn more about the PGE app.

Next steps

We want to help you to protect your electrical equipment, prevent possible power-surge damage and avoid overloading the system when power is restored.
  1. What you can do:
    • For major appliances, turn off the breaker at the breaker box.
    • For other electrical equipment, either unplug it or turn off its breaker.
  2. If you have a backup generator, please review our tips for using generators safely – your well-being, and the lives of our crews, depend on it.
  3. Turn on one outside light and one inside light so you and PGE crews will know when service is restored.
  4. If your neighbor’s power comes back on but yours does not, call PGE again.
  5. If your lights are very dim or bright once power is restored, turn off the power at the breaker or fuse box to help protect your equipment, and call PGE.

Remember: If you see a downed or sagging line, stay away!

Call PGE immediately at 503-464-7777 in Portland, or 800-544-1795 to report any downed utility line, and always remember the storm safety tips in the slideshow below.

3 more things to keep in mind

  1. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning! Never use grills, portable generators or other gasoline-, propane- or charcoal-burning devices inside your home, garage or carport. And if you use your car to recharge your phone, don’t keep the car running in the garage. See more Storm Safety Tips below.
  2. Know how to operate the manual release lever on your automatic garage door.
  3. Check on elderly or impaired neighbors or relatives, if possible, to see if they need help.

Storm Safety Tips