Our Mission

For 130 years, we’ve been powering our community and helping connect Oregonians to what matters most to them. Today, we’re focused on delivering energy that is safe, clean, reliable, affordable and secure.

Our world and our industry are faced with new and exciting challenges driven by evolving technology, changing customer expectations and a shared desire for a clean energy future. Every day, we take new steps that get us closer to the energy transformation we want to see in Oregon. 

Why does this mission matter so much to the people who work at PGE? Because we live here, too.

Our Strategic Direction includes our mission, vision and values. Our Mission - We provide safe and reliable energy solutions to power our customers' lives every day. Our Vision - To be our customer's most-trusted energy partner. Our Strategy - Deliver exceptional customer experiences. Invest in a reliable and clean energy future. Build a smarter, more resilient grid. Pursue excellence in our work. Our Values - Champion relentless safety. Act with integrity. Embrace diversity and inclusion. Listen and lead the way. Serve customers boldly. Be a great neighbor. Together, let's rise to the challenge.

Learn how we can work together to build a clean energy future for Oregon.