PGE customers #1 for renewable power for eighth year in a row

150,000 customers volunteer for PGE's renewable energy program

July 20, 2017

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland General Electric (NYSE: POR) has more renewable power customers than any other energy company for the eighth year in a row, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

PGE’s Green Future program has had the largest number of renewable energy customers since 2009. In January PGE became the first and only energy company to exceed 150,000 customers enrolled in its renewable power program.

For the fifth year in a row PGE sold the most megawatt hours of renewable energy in its voluntary program, providing more than 1.5 million megawatt hours of renewable energy, twice as much as the second-place company. The full list of leading green pricing programs can be accessed at

“The success of this voluntary program reflects our customers’ commitment to sustainable choices that lead to a greener future,” said Carol Dillin, PGE’s vice president for customer strategies and business development.

PGE’s program continues to grow at a strong rate. In the last two years PGE has added 50 percent more customers to its voluntary program, eclipsing the 150,000 mark in January 2017.

In addition to purchasing renewable power for their home use, PGE Green Future customers also contribute to the PGE Renewable Development Fund. Customers have helped fund more than 7.8 MW of new renewable energy generation currently installed in Oregon, with another 3 MW under construction. Projects have included solar installations on schools and community housing facilities, as well as non-profits.

Green Mountain Energy Company assists PGE in connecting customers with its Green Future program; and 3Degrees supplies PGE with the renewable power for these voluntary options.

“Our partnership with PGE has delivered unprecedented results and created remarkable growth for renewable power usage in Oregon,” said Mark Parsons, Green Mountain’s general manager.

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About Portland General Electric Company
Portland General Electric (NYSE: POR) is a fully integrated energy company based in Portland, Oregon, serving approximately 887,000 customers in 51 cities. For more than 130 years, PGE has been delivering safe, affordable and reliable energy to Oregonians. Together with its customers, PGE has the No. 1 voluntary renewable energy program in the U.S. With approximately 3,000 employees across the state, PGE is committed to helping its customers and the communities it serves build a clean energy future. For more information, visit