2018 Price Changes

The Oregon Public Utility Commission approved an overall price increase of about 2.3 percent beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

The new prices reflect our continued system investments to protect you against service disruptions from storms, earthquakes and cyberattacks, and enhance our power supply flexibility for efficient integration of more renewable energy, as well as other adjustments.

Our typical residential customer, using an average of 820 kilowatt hours per month, will see their average monthly bill go up about $4.17, from $97.46 to $101.63.

The impact of specific price changes will vary depending on the amount of power you use each month and your customer category. Note that the prices changes across our different customer categories reflect the infrastructure required to support them and the varying demands for energy they place on our system.

We take our responsibility to provide you safe, reliable and affordable power seriously. These new prices reflect extensive analysis and review by our regulators and stakeholders to ensure any increase we make is necessary and prudent.

To help you manage your energy use and your bills, we have several programs available. For example, we offer free advice and in-depth information on saving energy, and we can help connect you with Energy Trust of Oregon incentives.

There are also billing and payment options to make budgeting easier and free online tools to help understand and manage your energy use. We can also connect you with assistance programs — such as HEAT Oregon — to help in times of need. Visit PortlandGeneral.com/Save to learn more about these resources.

Across the major customer categories, the overall average price changes starting in January are:

Type of service Rate schedule January price change
Residential 7 4.2 percent
Small business 32 1.7 percent
Commercial 83 0.7 percent
Large commercial 85 0.6 percent
Industrial 89 and 90 -3.3 percent

For more detailed information, see our news release, tariff schedules, or visit the OPUC website.