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Oregon’s Clean Energy Future

Together, we can do it

A clean energy future: It’s a goal we all share.

But what does it really mean for us, and how do we get there?

What does it mean?

Our clean energy future is one that provides reliable, renewable power with fewer emissions — and without sacrificing affordability.

That has benefits for everyone in our community, including:

  • The chance for our planet to combat the effects of climate change
  • Healthier air and water
  • An economy built on more sustainable business
  • The electricity we need to power our lives and our work

How do we get there?

Making the change to a cleaner energy future will take time, and take all of us. We have to adapt our infrastructure — including the energy grid — and adjust our personal habits to help drive down emissions from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

The job is big, but we’re up to the challenge. In fact, we here at PGE are embracing the opportunity to partner with you and others to lead the way and give our future generations cleaner, healthier and more sustainable living. We’re proud to partner with our state, cities, customers and others to make this vision a reality.

The transformation has started

Already, Oregonians are pushing for this change and taking action.

  • Several Oregon cities are resolving to move to 100 percent clean and renewable energy.
  • Governor Brown has set a goal for Oregon to have 50,000 registered electric vehicles by 2020 to cut carbon emissions from transportation, which right now is the biggest carbon offender in our state.
  • More than 178,000 of our customers have opted in to Green FutureSM, our voluntary renewable power program. Customers in this program pay more for renewable energy, through solar, wind and other clean resources.

We’re committed to doing our part

To help us reach a clean energy future, we will:

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80 percent by 2050* by:
    • Adding more renewable energy resources like wind, solar and others.
    • Helping Oregon move from gas-powered transportation to electric-powered transportation.
  2. Modernize the electric grid by:
    • Building a smart grid that allows a two-way conversation between the grid and your home or business.
    • Offering new ways for you to benefit from that two-way connection so that you can be more informed, efficient and in control from anywhere.
    • Creating more effective ways to produce renewable energy and store it for when it’s most needed.
  3. Make it easy for customers like you to:
    • Save energy and money while living more sustainably.
    • Earn rewards for adjusting when and how much electricity you use.
    • Benefit from innovations like battery storage that integrate with your rooftop solar, or smart home devices that help you save energy from anywhere.
    • Use 100 percent renewable energy.

A clean energy future that allows you to stay connected in the way you want, while enjoying a healthier, more sustainable way of life is a possibility. We’re excited to be a part of this change with you, and hope you are too. Together, we can make this happen.

*Compared to 2010 levels.

Maria Pope

"We all have a role to play in addressing climate change, and we are determined to be part of the solution. Achieving a clean energy future will be challenging; we believe it is attainable and vital to Oregon’s future. We also believe the transition should not compromise reliability or affordability for our customers. We welcome the opportunity to work together with our customers, stakeholders and regional partners to make real progress in this transformation."

Maria Pope, President and CEO