Knowledge is (solar and wind) power

Rockwood Boys & Girls Club integrates solar array with renewables curriculum

The Rockwood Boys & Girls Club Solar Project isn’t your typical solar installation. It’s a three-year, multifaceted educational effort supported by the Boys & Girls Club, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, KidWind, Elemental Energy and Green Future’s Renewable Development Fund.

To kick off the project, the Rockwood Club building installed a 100 kW solar array with help from the Renewable Development Fund, which is funded by your Green Future participation. Thanks to your support, the dollars saved will be repurposed right back into the program to help educate children.

The solar panels will serve as a learning tool in the new KidWind renewables curriculum. Through the program, participating students will learn about clean energy and apply their skills in local wind and solar competitions. Recently, students participated in various wind and solar engineering workshops that included building solar-powered Lego cars and designing wind turbines to test in wind tunnels.

By integrating hands-on learning into the experience, the hope is that this educational effort sparks curiosity and fosters a love of learning in these STEM fields. As for the solar array, it will be online within the next month, with accompanying educational monitoring stations, kiosks and learning labs at the Rockwood Club.

This project couldn’t have happened without your participation in our Green Future program. To see other ways your Green Future dollars work for the community, see our Renewable Development Fund page.