Your local friendly sustainability shop

Uptown Hardware offers its own brand of DIY energy efficiency

Uptown Hardware is a local, family-owned business that operates Pearl Ace Hardware and Woodstock Ace Hardware. Both locations are enrolled in our Green Future program and set the standard for what it means to embody sustainability.

“We’re big proponents of renewable energy,” said David Kippen, co-owner of Uptown Hardware. “We want to be responsible for our community.”

Recently, both buildings were completely retrofitted with LED lighting, which has since cut their energy bills by half. The new lighting also serves as a live demo for customers interested in efficient lighting.

In addition to supporting Green Future wind and solar, the business has produced their own renewable energy from solar panels at the Woodstock location. They’ve also gained more control over their energy consumption by installing Nest smart thermostats at both locations.

As a sustainable Portland business, Uptown Hardware carries their advocacy beyond their own efforts and into the quality of products they offer. Their philosophy is to stock their hardware stores with well-made, local products that are built to last.

“I think our customers value our use of renewables because we’ve always been the local resource,” said Kippen. “We want to provide the best products, and this is one more step to show how committed we are to progressive thinking and retailing.”

Save at Ace Hardware with Chinook Book

Want to make the leap to LEDs? Green Future members can find a coupon for $5 off their purchase of $25 or more at both Pearl and Woodstock Ace Hardware stores through the Chinook Book app.