Solar rules at school

Tucker Maxon now runs on solar, thanks to your help

At the Tucker Maxon School in southeast Portland, deaf and hearing children learn how to listen, talk and excel together. The integrated classroom structure helps to prepare hearing-impaired children for traditional schools and encourage all children to reach their full potential.

As a nonprofit, Tucker Maxon is always looking for creative ways to be more efficient with its resources while still providing a quality experience for its students.

This past June, the school took a huge step in doing just that.

Through a grant from Green Future’s Renewable Development Fund, the school’s students, teachers and officials celebrated the installation of 128 rooftop solar panels. The 45 kW array is expected to supply more than 49,000 kWh each year, which is more than half of the school’s electricity needs.

The savings from those solar panels will allow Tucker Maxon to expand its educational programming and provide financial aid for low-income students, all while proudly showing its commitment to a sustainable future.

This project couldn’t have happened without your participation in our Green Future program. To see other ways Green Future works for the community, visit our Renewable Development Fund page.