Decarbonize your drive

Did you know that 40 percent of Oregon’s carbon emissions come from transportation? We can reach a clean future sooner by switching our cars, taxis and buses from fossil fuels to electricity. When paired with renewable energy, electric vehicles (EVs) become a carbon-free way to get around.

Here are two ways you can support EVs:

  1. Drive one. Portland has been ranked the most EV-friendly city for its multitude of charging stations and purchase incentives that make buying or leasing an EV cost competitive with gasoline models.
  2. Ride the bus. TriMet is exploring a possible transition to an all-electric bus fleet, starting with five electric buses this year.

Since PGE installed Electric Avenue with charging stations at the World Trade Center in 2015, more than one million miles of EV driving have been powered — all with 100 percent renewable energy. That’s equivalent to driving across Oregon 2,500 times, carbon-free. We’re actively looking for additional ways to support EVs in the future. This includes building six more charging stations throughout our service area by 2019.

Four reasons to go electric:

  1. Zero emissions
  2. Easy charging at home
  3. More than 1,000 charging stations across Oregon
  4. A variety of vehicle models in different price ranges