When storms hit, we’ve got your back

Teams across PGE pull together to restore your electricity quickly and safely.

Remember last winter’s fierce wind, ice and snow storms? They really packed a wallop! We appreciated the patience of everyone who experienced power outages.

Many of you had questions about what we do when the weather knocks power out — how we activate and prioritize to get you back on as quickly as possible.

Switching to storm mode

When a big storm is in the forecast, we start getting ready, organizing equipment and staff. Then when it hits, we mobilize company wide to work around the clock until folks have their lights and heat back on. Our goal is to always to restore power as quickly as safety allows.

In major outages, it’s all hands on deck

We mobilize a 24/7 central command, staffed by leads of each major department to coordinate and prioritize resources. This central command oversees all of the other teams throughout the company. Here are just a few of the teams:

  • Dispatchers — Moving crews to meet biggest repair needs; coordinating repair contractors or mutual aid crews
  • Tree crews — Removing downed or damaged trees and branches to make way for repairs
  • Line crews — Repairing equipment, restringing lines, replacing poles
  • Equipment & storeroom teams — Moving parts and equipment where needed, restocking trucks
  • Customer service & communications teams — Taking your calls and keeping you informed
  • Safety team — Monitoring storms, high winds, landslides and other issues to guide crews so they can work safely
  • Incident response team—Working behind the scenes to coordinate central command center and coordinating with emergency response leaders throughout the community such as state and local transportation departments
  • Government affairs — Coordinating with cities, counties, hospitals and other critical groups

Watch our video

See how we respond to major outages.