Keeping your power reliable and affordable

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Q: Why aren’t all of PGE’s power lines underground?

A. Most new neighborhoods in the PGE services area have underground power lines. But we also have thousands of miles of existing overhead lines, and we still install new overhead lines when it makes sense.

It would take hundreds of millions of dollars to convert our overhead distribution system — the poles, wires and transformers — to underground electrical lines and equipment. There’s also the cost of altering each customer’s equipment at the meter.

The expense of moving everything underground would increase the price we all pay for electricity.

Underground power lines are vulnerable, too. Flooding, corrosion, construction accidents and other causes can still knock out the power. It’s also harder to pinpoint trouble spots underground, and those repairs may require digging on public roads and private property.

The combination of underground and overhead power lines help us power your day both reliably and affordably.

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