Think outside the building for safety and savings

New exterior LED lighting at Montgomery Park saves 69% and helps tenants feel safer.

When Montgomery Park marks its hundredth anniversary in 2020, the northwest Portland office building is on target to hit another 100 — a perfect ENERGY STAR® building-efficiency score. New outdoor LED lighting is the latest step toward that goal, but efficiency wasn’t the only objective with this project.

“We’re always looking for energy savings, but in this case we also wanted to improve safety,” said facilities director Tim Hendricks.

LEDs offered far superior light quality for exterior lighting and parking structures on the previously underlit 18-acre campus.

“There were dark spots and shadows. We got rid of the yellow lighting, and it feels much more secure and safe,” he said, adding that tenants have voiced their appreciation.

Cost savings make it a cinch

With the new LEDs, and lighting controls to maximize energy savings, exterior lighting energy use dropped to less than one third of what it used to be. LEDs last years longer than other types of lighting, so that reduces maintenance costs and hassles, too.

Hendricks encourages other building owners and managers to consider lighting and other efficiency upgrades. He has made many other energy improvements at Montgomery Park, including interior LEDs, new HVAC equipment and solar panels, with the goal of reaching the perfect ENERGY STAR rating and keeping his building competitive.

“Don’t be afraid to do these projects,” he said. “It’s not too good to be true — there actually are huge savings available. Energy Trust of Oregon incentives cover a lot of the expense, and you can really reduce energy costs. That all goes back to the bottom line.”

Outdoor LEDs at Montgomery Park bring benefits

  • Safer parking lots and outside areas 
  • Happier tenants
  • Less hassle/maintenance
  • 1/3 the energy use of old lights
  • Almost $6k in annual cost savings
  • Energy Trust incentives covered 18% of costs

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