Energy-saving lessons you can use

Take a page from Liberty High School’s book, where the electric bill dropped 21 percent.

The Hillsboro School District works to be careful custodians of taxpayer dollars and puts a big emphasis on conserving resources. That focus has paid off at Liberty High School, which decreased its electric bill by an impressive 21 percent.

While your facility may not be as large as a 1,500-student high school, and your savings will vary depending on your operations, we want to share some valuable takeaways that you can adapt for your business.

Understand how you’re using energy

What they did: At Liberty High School, administrators purchased diagnostic software to monitor equipment run times and catch building control issues.

What you can do: Try our online Energy TrackerSM tool for free energy monitoring. It helps you see when and how you use the most energy, so you can target energy-efficiency efforts to capture the biggest savings.

If you have a larger or industrial business, multiple facilities, or want more detailed energy-management tools, you can choose Energy Expert, our powerful, all-in-one energy monitoring system.*

Automate your energy savings

What they did: Staff made sure controls for heat and light matched the hours and locations needed, so they weren’t wasting energy in unoccupied areas or after hours.

What you can do: Install automated controls to better schedule energy use and reduce waste. This can include:

  • Lighting occupancy sensors, timers and photo-sensors
  • Automated HVAC controls (or smart thermostats for smaller sites)
  • Smart power strips that turn off groups of equipment
  • Variable speed drives on motors when full power is not always required
  • Energy misers on vending machines

Lean on PGE

What they did: The school district sought guidance from experts at PGE.

What you can do: Request a free, no-obligation energy-efficiency consultation. We’ll provide custom energy-saving recommendations for your business, explain Energy Trust of Oregon incentives and connect you with a trusted contractor for upgrades.

Get cash back and training from Energy Trust of Oregon

What they did: The Hillsboro School District participated in Energy Trust's Strategic Energy Management program to help integrate energy-management practices into their ongoing operations.

What you can do: Explore all of the ways Energy Trust can assist commercial customers, including cash incentives for a wide array of energy-efficiency upgrades.

Involve the whole team

What they did: In addition to getting help from PGE and Energy Trust, the school enlisted maintenance and custodial staff to play an important role in energy-saving efforts.

What you can do: Create an energy-efficiency culture at your business, and make sure everyone is working together to reduce energy consumption. Share energy-monitoring reports, costs and savings progress. Ask the team for ideas to save energy.

* You do not need to purchase this product to continue to receive safe, reliable power from PGE. You may buy similar products and services from other providers.