Equal Pay

Avoid highs and lows in your bill

Even out your payments over a year

A typical electric bill can experience some dramatic ups and downs, as electricity needs change during the year. PGE’s Equal Pay option evens out your monthly bill so you make the same payment every month. If you’re a residential customer, and your account is current, you can enroll in Equal Pay today.

Average payment based on past use

Once a year, we estimate your annual electricity use based on what you’ve used in the past. We divide that annual use by 11 to calculate your monthly Equal Pay amount.

Because your energy use can change over time, we give you a month every year to “catch up,” in which you pay the difference between what you’ve already paid for the year and what you’ve actually used.

If you used less than estimated, you’ll get a credit for future bills in your catch-up month, and if you used more, you’ll have an amount due.

We also review your account every four months to compare your Equal Pay amount to your actual use, and adjust your Equal Pay amount if needed. These adjustments help you avoid a large overpayment or underpayment, so you should have only a small bill or credit in your catch-up month.

For more information, see our Equal Pay FAQ.

Check your bill to compare your use

It’s important to remember that your Equal Pay amount is an estimate based on past use. So it’s a good idea to look at your bill each month to compare your actual use to the Equal Pay amount and make sure they are similar.

You can also track any differences throughout the year on the back of your bill, on the line labeled “Equal Pay Payoff Balance.” While it’s normal to have some monthly differences, if you notice big shifts in your energy use, give us a call.

To enroll in Equal Pay, call us at 800-542-8818 Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.