Equal Pay

Avoid highs and lows in your bill

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Even out your payments over a year

A typical electric bill can experience some dramatic ups and downs, as electricity needs change during the year. PGE’s Equal Pay option evens out your monthly bill so you make the same payment every month. If you’re on Rate Schedule 7 and are current on your account (not past due or not on a time payment agreement), you can enroll in Equal Pay today.

Average payment based on past use

We figure an average monthly payment based on past usage. You’ll still know exactly how much electricity you’re using because your bill will show both your actual usage and your Equal Pay amount.

After 12 months we review your actual electric usage to determine the Equal Pay amount for the next 12 months. If your actual usage differed from the Equal Pay amount, any underpayment or overpayment will be figured into the Equal Pay amount for the next year. For more information, see our Equal Pay FAQ.

Check your bill to compare usage

It’s important to remember that your Equal Pay amount is an estimate based on past usage. So it’s a good idea to look at your bill each month to compare your actual usage to the Equal Pay amount and make sure they are similar.

If you notice you’re using significantly more or less electricity than your Equal Pay amount, you can contact PGE Customer Service and request a review of your account.

Checking your electricity usage against your Equal Pay amount is especially important if you do not have a long billing history with PGE at your current address, or if you’ve recently increased the size of your household or added major appliances or electronics.

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