Pillar 5: Strong Communities

PGE’s roots run deep in Oregon

2016 Report

Pillar 5 - Strong Communities
Dave Robertson

“Our roots run deep in Oregon. We connect with and give back to our local communities because we care about creating a thriving Oregon where every person can reach their full potential.”

Dave Robertson, Vice President, Public Policy and Corporate Resiliency

Story 1

PGE volunteers spring into action

As the temperatures warm and wildflowers begin to bloom across Oregon, PGE puts its volunteer work into overdrive.

Every spring, we donate time to programs that help make Oregon a better place to live. In 2016 we planted trees in parks, packed meals, spruced up natural areas, and so much more.

In just a little over a month, we had more than 360 employees and retirees volunteer more than 5,000 hours – helping to make a difference in local communities and create a brighter future for Oregonians across the state.

Story 2

PSU Sustainability Partner of the Year

In 2016, Portland State University named PGE their sustainability partner of the year.

Since 2010, we’ve been teaming up with PSU students and researchers to make Portland a leader in urban sustainability.

To date, we’ve provided $982,000 to fund 41 PSU research projects with principal areas of research in Smart Grid, renewable power, grid reliability and the electrification of vehicles. PGE experts have also worked with PSU students to deliver nine capstone projects, which are valued at over $285,000.

“The partnership between PGE and PSU is making Portland a clean energy hub while educating the next generation of energy professionals,” said Kregg Arntson, PGE’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility.

What's next

Ending food waste at our offices

The World Trade Center Conference facility noticed that during events, not all food was consumed. To avoid waste, in partnership with the WTC conference facility, we started an ongoing food donation program.

In 2016, we donated 565 pounds of un-served food to the New Avenues for Youth Shelter, which helped feed at-risk teens.

Commitment to equity

We believe a diverse and inclusive community is essential to our collective success.

However, we recognize that institutions, systems, attitudes and behaviors exist that perpetuate racial, social, economic and geographic inequities.

As we look to the future, PGE and the PGE Foundation, the corporate foundation of Portland General Electric, are committed to working with our community to help eliminate these disparities and create an equitable society where all people can realize their full potential.

For more information, check out the Strong Communities section of our Key Metrics Summary.