Sustainability at PGE

Our commitment to sustainability

Like our customers, we call Oregon home. For 130 years, we’ve powered our customers’ potential with safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

We are leading the way to cleaner energy for Oregon’s future as we work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the electricity we serve our customers by at least 80% by 20301 as we accelerate our ambition, aiming to achieve companywide net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. We have also set an aspirational goal of achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions associated with the power we serve our customers by 2040. We’re working on a detailed plan and roadmap to share in the year ahead. We are committed to transparency and reporting on our performance along the way.

Sustainability reporting

We have shared data about our operations and impact as part of our sustainability reporting since 2013.

Our 2019 Sustainability Report shares information about PGE’s commitment to sustainability along with information about strategic projects that illustrate our commitment to advancing a sustainable future and caring for our community.

Our 2019 Sustainability Key Metrics Data Summary provides data from throughout our company to accompany this content

This year, PGE is expanding the level of transparency around our sustainability practices by adopting the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework which provides a look at the financial impacts of sustainability on PGE. We are publishing our first SASB report with our 2019 data. Read The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board report.

As interest in the way companies are approaching Environmental, Social and Governance increases, PGE has adopted the Edison Electric Institute’s framework to standardize the data we share regarding our power plants, greenhouse gas emissions, social responsibility and governance and is publishing PGE’s EEI ESG Quantitative Template with data for 2019.

Our approach

Sustainability principles are woven into the fabric of who we are and how we operate. We are executing our strategy to achieve a clean and reliable energy future by decarbonizing, electrifying and performing. We are taking a holistic approach that balances our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with core values that define our culture, and high standards of corporate governance to achieve our mission and create value for shareholders, customers and other stakeholders. The benefits of a future powered by clean electricity are real, and our annual sustainability report highlights our goals as well as our progress and actions we’ve taken in support of our long-term goals.

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