Sustainability at PGE

Our commitment to sustainability

Like our customers, we call Oregon home. For 130 years, we’ve powered our customers’ potential with safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

We are leading the way to cleaner energy for Oregon’s future as we work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80%1. We are committed to transparency and reporting on our performance along the way.

Sustainability reporting

Since 2013, we have shared data about our operations and impact in an annual Sustainability Report. We are changing our approach to make it easier for customers, stakeholders and investors to find the information most relevant and meaningful to them.

Our 2018 Sustainability Key Metrics Data Summary provides data about our progress as we work toward a more sustainable future. Check out the stories on Full Clean Ahead about the work underway to reduce our carbon footprint.

This year, we are joining a handful of investor-owned electric companies that have adopted the Edison Electric Institute’s framework to standardize the data we share regarding our power plants, carbon emissions, social responsibility and governance. We are publishing PGE’s first EEI ESG Quantitative Template with data for 2018.

Our approach

Sustainability principles are woven into the fabric of who we are and how we operate. We use an integrated approach, striving to consider social, environmental and economic impacts in all our business decisions.

PGE People, Planet and Performance

By working with our stakeholders and maintaining a focus on these principles, we can help make Oregon a better place today and in the future.

1 Goal based on PGE’s proportionate share of Oregon’s economy-wide goal using 2010 as the base year.