Rivers, Fish & Wildlife Habitat

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Rivers and fish

We work to protect fish and habitat in areas where we operate hydroelectric plants.

Some work we do directly, some we fund through non-profits or other organizations. Read below about some of the most interesting projects on each river, the fish and wildlife they support, and about our plants and history in each distinct region.

Find fish counts and fish runs.

Birds and other wildlife

Birds love to nest on power poles and other electrical equipment. But our avian biologists are on the job, working to keep them safe while helping keep your power on. Learn more about how PGE protects birds.

Mule deer and other wildlife rely on the Metolius Mule Deer Winter Range for food and shelter. Learn about how PGE biologists manage habitat in this area.

PGE is restoring habitat in wetlands near our Harborton substation. Learn more about how we’re improving the area for frogs, salmon, birds and other wildlife.

Parks and campgrounds

Love the outdoors as much as we do? 

Find your new favorite spot to spend a day or a weekend at one of PGE’s many parks and campgrounds.