Protecting Birds

Working to keep them safe

Birds like to perch and nest on power poles and other utility equipment. This can cause problems for both birds and PGE customers.

Our work is guided by an Avian Protection Plan that outlines several ways to make our facilities safer for birds and reduce the outages they and other wildlife cause.

Some examples are:

  • Training employees on bird protection issues and procedures
  • Tracking bird and nests issues to minimize impacts in high risk areas
  • Building nesting platforms to reduce pole-top nesting and outages
  • Configuring electrical equipment to reduce the potential for bird electrocution and customer outages
  • Collaborating with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee on strategies that reduce bird and power interactions

PGE continues to look for opportunities to improve bird protection and system reliability throughout our company. We strive to improve and update our program and proactively address issues before they arise.

If you want to report a bird issue near our facilities or power lines, please call PGE customer service at 800-542-8818.

If you find an injured bird not related to PGE facilities you can contact the Portland Audubon Society Wildlife Care Center.

Photo Slideshow - Protecting Birds

See a bird in trouble? See a bird in trouble

If it’s near or related to PGE lines or equipment, call us at 800-542-8818. If it’s a general bird safety issue, you can also call Audubon Society at 503-292-0304.

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