Minimizing Our Impact

Air quality and emissions

We’re working to reduce our impact on air quality now and in the future. Find out how and see our air emissions data.

Water quality and habitat protection

We have a long history within these regions, the rivers, and the fish and wildlife that they support. Read about our work to protect water quality and fish and wildlife on these rivers, visit parks and campgrounds and get fish counts and fish runs:

Facility and fleet management

From new buildings designed to LEED standards, to reducing waste throughout our operations, see how we lower the impact of our facilities and fleets.

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Learn more about PGE’s environmental work, and check out behind-the-scenes photos.

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Helping customers use less Helping customers use less

The most effective way to reduce our impact on the environment is to use less. We can help you learn how to power your life more efficiently.

Protecting Birds Protecting birds

Birds like to land on power lines and nest on poles and other equipment. Learn how we’re keeping them safe.

Renewable energy options Renewable energy options

Low-impact hydroelectric plants. New windfarms and solar projects. Technologies that integrate renewables. We’re bringing reliable, cost effective renewable power to you.