Sell Power to PGE

How it works

Small power producers sell power directly to PGE and receive a check each billing cycle for their electricity.

The sale price is based on PGE’s Avoided Cost, which is lower than the retail rate used for crediting customers of our Net Metering Service

Under state regulations for small power producers, participants must sell power directly to the utility and pay utility rates for any energy they might use. There is also a monthly charge for reading the production meter.

Generating 10 MW or less

Schedule 201

To sell power from a facility that has a nameplate of 10 MW of power or less:

  • The facility must meet federal rules for a qualifying facility.
  • The facility and related equipment must meet standards as designated by the state of Oregon, PGE and local electrical and building codes.
  • If the system generates more than 30 amps, it must have a lockable isolation device readily accessible to PGE at all times.
  • You must demonstrate proof of site control (property tax bill, deed, lease agreement or other legally binding contract) for the location of the facility.
  • You must carry general liability insurance for a facility with a nameplate capacity of more than 200 kilowatts. Limits and conditions are subject to PGE approval.
  • For multiple generators, the total nameplate capacity at a point of interconnection must be 10 MW or less.
  • There may be delivery points on PGE’s System that are constrained.  If you wish to use a particular point to delivery, you should inform PGE as soon as possible so that PGE can study whether delivery to that point will be feasible. PGE’s System currently has limited or no Available Transmission Capability on certain transmission paths. The following points are not acceptable points of delivery for Qualifying Facility contracts:
    • PACW
    • Roundbutte
  • On June 30, 2017, Portland General Electric filed with the Public Utility Commission of Oregon (OPUC) an Application to Lower the Standard Price and Standard Contract Eligibility Cap for Solar Qualifying Facilities and a Motion for Interim Relief. For more information, the OPUC has a full copy of the filing available.
  • On August 18, 2017, the Public Utility Commission of Oregon issued Order No. 17-310 modifying eligibility for standard prices. Effective July 14, 2017, solar QF projects with nameplate capacity in excess of 3 MW are not eligible for Standard Prices. For more information, the OPUC has a full copy of the order available.

Schedule 201 contracts

Generating more than 10 MW

Schedule 202

If your qualifying facility has a nameplate capacity greater than 10 MW and you’d like to sell power, PGE will buy the power under a negotiated power purchase agreement.

This contract with PGE covers all aspects of the sale, delivery and purchase of this power and the rights and responsibilities of both parties. For more information call 503-464-8000 and ask for the power production coordinator.

Interconnection of a QF of 20 MW capacity or more shall be governed by the terms, conditions and provisions of the Commission-approved QF interconnection procedures and the Commission-approved QF interconnection agreement.

Interconnection forms

If your facility qualifies for small power production and you want to sell power to PGE, you will need to complete the following forms, as appropriate:

Small power production contact

For more information, contact the small power production coordinator at 503-464-8300 or via mail:

  • Portland General Electric
    Small power production coordinator

    121 SW Salmon St., 3WTC-0402
    Portland, OR 97204