PGE Renewable Development Fund

Funding is available for local renewable projects through our RFP process

Creating communities through clean energy

Since 1999, PGE customers have supported renewable energy by choosing one of our Green FutureSM options. Their contributions support the PGE Renewable Development Fund, which offers competitive grants for community clean energy projects. To date, the RDF has awarded 61 projects with 14 million dollars, creating more than 14.5 MW of new renewable generation.

How it works

Eligible projects include:

  • Wind, solar PV, geothermal, certified Low Impact Hydro Institute hydroelectric, pipeline or irrigation canal hydroelectric, wave or tidal energy and low emissions biomass based on digester methane gas or solid organic fuels.
  • Research and development projects that facilitate renewable energy market transformation or the emergence of new renewable technologies.
  • Educational components directly associated with existing renewable projects previously funded by the RDF or currently being proposed for RDF funding.

Preference is given to projects:

  • Hosted by a public or non-profit entity or in partnership with such an entity.
  • Located within PGE service area and/or owned by a PGE customer.
  • Benefiting multi-family and low-income housing developments.
  • Providing a substantial educational, environmental and economic benefit to the community and PGE customers.
  • Demonstrating efforts to obtain all other available funding sources, including incentives, grants, tax credits, in-kind donations or other creative efforts.

Funding timeline and process

Interested parties can access the 2020 application starting June 1, 2020. The submittal deadline is Aug. 1, 2020.

PGE will make funds available through an open and competitive application process. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by third-party vendors in accordance with established evaluation criteria. Award funding is limited and will differ from project to project based on applicant request and available funding.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit questions and get more information by emailing


Get started

  1. Contact the Energy Trust of Oregon to learn about additional funding sources and commercial incentives for solar PV projects. All RDF projects that are eligible to receive an Energy Trust installation incentive must do so prior to applying to the Renewable Development Fund. The Energy Trust can also connect you with qualified solar trade allies.
  2. Review the award requirement information to make sure your project meets the RDF goals and criteria.
  3. Gain support within your organization and with project partners and community members.
  4. Put together your project details, discuss available funding sources, and develop a project timeline. Review PGE’s information about generating your own power.
  5. Complete and submit your application between June 1 and Aug. 1, 2020.

Sample of completed projects