Clean Wind C & I

For large commercial and industrial customers

If you think supporting renewable power is expensive or complicated, think again. PGE makes it easy and affordable, and we’ll publicize your commitment to the environment.

How it works

Clean Wind C & I is available to commercial and industrial customers on Schedules 83, 85 and 89.

It’s offered at several levels, based as a percentage of your total electricity use. You decide which support level is right for your organization. Learn more about your Power Choices. See the Clean Wind C & I Prospective Product Content Label or the Clean Wind C & I Historic Product Content Label. Download the Clean Wind C & I Price, Terms and Conditions.


You’ll receive promotional benefits like:

  • Inclusion in prominent area-wide advertising*
  • Verification of carbon reduction through the Clean Wind program
  • Inexpensive, carbon-free power from new wind in Oregon & Washington
  • Online marketing toolkit to help you promote your support

We also coordinate with EPA Green Power Communities to ensure your community gets the credit it deserves.

See which companies are already receiving the advantages of Clean Wind.

Choose where your money goes

Oregon law mandates that all customers be charged a 3 percent “public purpose charge” to fund conservation and renewable projects.

If you use >1 MWa at any single site during the year, you have the ability to “self-direct” a portion of this charge to the renewable power you want, and get public recognition for your commitment to the environment.

Find out more and ask your PGE representative if you qualify.

Join the nation’s No. 1 renewable power program. Sign up by email, or by contacting your PGE representative.

*Silver level and above.

Disclaimer: You do not need to purchase this product to continue to receive safe, reliable power from PGE. You may buy similar products and services from other providers.

Raise your green credibility. Raise your green credibility

Clean Wind’s 100 percent new wind power is endorsed by such groups as the Renewable Northwest Project, Northwest Energy Coalition and Natural Resources Defense Council.

Green-e Certified Green-e Certified

Our renewable power is certified by one of the most stringent programs in the nation.

Use more than 1MWa? Use more than 1MWa?

Find out how self-direction can help you pay for participating in Clean Wind℠.