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Join the nation’s top renewable power program, Green Future

More than 200,000 PGE customers have joined the Green Future program to support local renewable power. We have several options designed just for businesses like yours.

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For commercial & industrial customers

Clean WindSM

Your larger operation has different renewable needs from a small business. So if your bill says Schedule 83, 85 or 89, our Clean WindSM C & I program offers affordable green power customized for you.

Green Future ImpactSM

For green-minded leaders who want more access to renewable energy, this option is for those with more than 30 kilowatt annual aggregate peak demand, or who average loads greater than 10 aMW. You can add green power from a specific resource, benefiting your business and the community by helping PGE add more renewable energy to the system. Find out if Green Future Impact is for you.

For small businesses

Want to make your small business more green? We can help! Choose from one or more of our Green Future options.

Green SourceSM

For around $11 a month*, you will go 100% renewable. Sign in to sign up.

Clean WindSM

Our wind product lets you add blocks of wind energy at $2.50. You choose how many you want. Sign in to sign up.

Green FutureSM Solar (SOLD OUT)

Our solar product lets you add blocks of solar energy generated in Willamina, OR.

Habitat Support

When you sign up for a Green Future product, you can also choose to support local Nature Conservancy habitat restoration for $2.50 a month. Sign in to sign up.

Install Solar, Wind & More

Want to generate your own renewable energy? No matter what size business you are, we’ll help you get started.

*Based on the typical commercial renewable power customer, who uses about 1,410 kWh per month.

Green-e Certified Green-e Certified

Our renewable power is certified by one of the most stringent programs in the nation.

Compare your Power Choices Compare your power choices

See our Power Choices brochure for a side-by-side comparison of the prices, fuel sources and environmental impacts of all the options PGE offers.