Pricing Plans

Choices for PGE business customers

While most PGE customers choose the ease and predictability of PGE’s standard pricing plan, you do have other options.

Those options vary by your rate schedule, which you can find on your PGE bill. If you have any questions, call us – we’ll help you figure it out.

Standard service

This is PGE’s fixed-price plan that you’re on when you become a PGE customer — you don’t need to do anything to stay on it, and it offers many benefits.

Schedule 32 businesses on this plan pay the same rate no matter what time of day they use electricity.

For Schedule 83, 85 and 89 businesses, this plan includes a lower rate for electricity used when demand is typically lower (nights and weekends).

Time of Use

If you’re on Schedule 32, you can also switch to a plan that gives a discounted price for electricity used at night and on weekends.

Read more about the Time of Use plan.

Market-based Pricing

Depending on your organization’s management strategy, you may also want to consider a market-based pricing plan. There are two*:

  • Daily Market Pricing from PGE
  • Direct Access through a third-party energy service supplier (ESS).

Visit Market-based Pricing for more details.

*Depending on eligibility. Contact your PGE representative or call PGE Business Services at 800-822-1077 for more information.


View the directory of PGE’s tariff approved by the Oregon Public Utility Commission, including rate schedules, rules and regulations, tariff update announcements and price summaries.