Compare My Choices

You have choices when it comes to your power

Pricing Plans

You can stay on your standard service or, if you’re a small business, switch to an option that charges you less for energy you use at night and on weekends. (Larger businesses prices already include this.)

No matter what plan you’re on, you get a lot for your money. Your service includes the cost to:

Renewable Power

You can also join our renewable power program to make your business more sustainable and give you a competitive edge.

If you’re thinking about installing solar, wind or other renewables on-site, we have options for that, too!

See our Power Choices brochures for a side-by-side comparison of the prices, fuel sources and environmental impacts of all the options PGE offers.

Market-based Pricing

Did you know you can purchase your power from an alternate service provider, or switch to PGE’s daily market pricing? Either way, PGE still provides the reliability and service you depend on.