Electric School Bus Project

Electrifying school buses

This year, PGE will partner with up to four public school districts in our service area to enable adoption of electric school buses. Electric school buses are cleaner, quieter, and less costly to operate, and the air inside and outside the bus cabin is healthier for our kids, our neighborhoods and all Oregonians.

How it works

PGE will provide funding to pay for the incremental cost of four electric buses (the difference in cost between a standard diesel bus and an electric bus) and the installation of charging infrastructure. We will also provide technical assistance to school districts throughout the process. Public school districts that are wholly or partially located in PGE’s service area are eligible to apply to participate in the program.

Funding process and timeline

The application window is closed. Award recipients will be notified by Spring 2020.

This program is funded by the sale of Oregon Clean Fuels Program credits, which we aggregate on behalf of residential customers who charge their electric vehicles at home.


Transportation is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon, and a major source of other air pollutants. Additional benefits include:

Cleaner air

  • Electric school buses reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than half compared to a diesel school bus
  • Electric school buses have zero tailpipe emissions, and they reduce carbon monoxide emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 80% than a diesel school bus

Safety and comfort

  • Electric school buses are quiet, reducing noise pollution in neighborhoods
  • Drivers are better able to communicate with students

Lower cost

  • Electricity is less expensive than diesel, and prices are more stable over time

For more information

If you have questions, contact us at electricschoolbus@pgn.com.