Ways to Save

Make the most of your energy dollars with proven strategies and practical advice

Energy savings

Quick Tips

Begin with these 30 handy tips to jump-start your savings.

LED Lighting

See how LED and other efficient lighting can save your business money.

Incentives, Loans & Credits

Learn about cash incentives, low-interest loans and available tax credits that can help lower net costs and speed payback.

Energy Classes

Sign up for free classes on a variety of topics designed to save money and help your business thrive.

Free energy consultations

Request a personalized energy-efficiency consultation for a custom plan to cut energy use and costs, and lower your footprint.

Energy monitoring

Two web-based energy management tools help you easily measure your use so you can manage it.

Energy Tracker

Use our free Energy Tracker to compare use by time of day, week, month or year. Set alerts to keep track of your bill.

Energy Expert

If you’re an industrial, large or multi-facility business, you can choose Energy Expert, a powerful management tool that analyzes your energy use for a single meter, a single facility or an entire complex.