Energy TrackerSM

Understand and control your energy usage

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Energy TrackerSM shows you when and how your business uses energy. It’s a handy tool for small or medium-sized businesses that want basic energy-use information.

It’s free, online and easy to use. To start, simply enroll or sign in to your account.

Energy Tracker helps you save

  • At-a-glance summary: See how much electricity you’ve used so far this month. No surprises!
  • Bill comparison: See how your bill has changed since last month or year.††
  • Energy usage charts: See how much electricity you use by month, week, day and hour – or even 15-minute intervals. Identify energy use triggers and track the impact of temperature or efficiency actions.

Energy usage to date is unavailable for a few days at the end of one billing cycle and the start of the next.

††Historical data is available for a 13-month rolling period. Data for new accounts will be available after two billing cycles.

Talk with us! Talk with us!

Sign up for a free energy-efficiency consultation to talk with an Energy Expert about your use and develop a customized savings plan.

What if you have more complex energy analysis needs? Do you have more complex energy analysis needs?

If you have a larger or industrial business, multiple facilities, or want more detailed energy management tools, we offer Energy Expert, a powerful, all-in-one energy monitoring tool.

Get extra cash for saving Get extra cash for saving

Find out how you can earn Energy Trust cash incentives and available tax credits for saving energy.